Warrior of the Táin – Quintessence Theatre

The Warrior of the Táin premieres at An Táin Arts Centre on Saturday 3rd June, with celebrations starting at 7pm with a wine reception followed by the main event at 8pm.

Quintessence Theatre, An Táin’s Theatre Company in Residence, create a physical, innovative re-telling of the very legend from which the Táin derives its name.

Blending movement, dance, live music and storytelling Quintessence take this epic of ancient Irish literature and breathe vivid new life into it by telling the story through the eyes of the royal warrior Queen Mebd: witness her army’s march on Ulster, Cúchulainn’s herculean defiance, the five day fight that finally saw the defeat of Cúchulainn and the battle of the bulls – all in 45 minutes.

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